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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  --Wayne Gretzky (and Michael Scott)


It's not just what you know, but who you know...

Promoting your latest transactions, new development or venture is a must, but today's approach to PR demands much, much more. The ability to secure top-tier media exposure is a direct result of developing and maintaining strong relationships with the reporters you need to reach.  It’s understanding how to cut through the noise and push your story to the front of the line.  We understand what editors and reporters are looking for right now; our feedback loop is shorter.  The art of developing the story to turn a ‘no’ in to a ‘yes’ requires experience and finesse.  Transmitter Public Relations thinks creatively and researches tirelessly to make your story sing.


Strategic storytelling

The world has an insatiable appetite for content that provides value.  As strong believers in the content marketing funnel, Transmitter Public Relations will help you create and deliver press releases, white papers, blog posts, videos and social media pages that are strategic, speak directly to consumers and help build your audience, reducing your reliance on outside vendors and pay-for-play opportunities.  This will translate to more traffic, warm leads and sales with a ROI you can stomach.


Get Things Done

Likes and followers and meaningless if customers aren't buying what you're selling.  Let us help you develop an online presence that speaks to your target audience while driving actionable and measurable outcomes.


Transmitter PR will ensure your company is firing on all cylinders by making sure your news is announced on the social and digital platforms your customers are on, and integrates with your marketing initiatives and strategy to ensure messaging is consistent and full coverage is achieved.  Don't have a full real estate marketing and development team?  No problem.  We have the experience and know-how to help you execute and compete.


Results You’ll Love

For your real estate company, development or brand to achieve its goals, it must have a long-term plan.  A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer's needs, emotions, and competitive environments.  A successful real estate brand comprises more than a logo, product or website--it's the intangible, hard-to-pin-down feeling someone gets.  Transmitter Public Relations will help you define your purpose; create brand consistency, flexibility, loyalty and emotion; and help you execute a competitive analysis.


Be Your Own Spokesperson

Whether you are a seasoned executive or getting ready for your first interview, our media training program ensures you and your team are prepared, look good and most importantly--quoted.  Crisis ahead?  Transmitter Public Relations will act as your media spokesperson, ensure your messaging is on point, prepare statements and teach you how to handle tough interviews.  We will be your rock.

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